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80's Baby  -  Native Oregonian  -  Avid Runner
Nintendo: Super Mario, Dragon Quest (Warrior)
BMX / Snow / Skate
Michael Jordan, Michael Johnson, Michael J Fox
Rap / Hip Hop / Sneaker Culture
1990's Apple Computer Era
LEGO, Star Wars & countless other nerdy vices.
An about section draws near...
As a graphic designer I'm commonly drawn toward clean, modern style that often reflects fun or pop culture references slipped in. Derivative work or logo bites are a common practice in personal pieces as I simply look to have fun and expand on my favorite things!
Professionally I have a variety of experience that lends to a well rounded skill set including; graphic design, web design, package design, logo design and brand identity, content management, project management, creative problem solving, customer and technical service, user experience and more.
If we'd be a good fit please give me a shout on the contact page. I'd love to ditch the screen for a few hours and meet you for lunch!
WHAT'S IN A name?
'Liquid Metal Slime' is a reference to the fabulous and life altering JRPG video game series that is Dragon Quest. I grew up playing the first three games of the series on NES with my Pops. Countless hours grinding, puzzle solving and drawing maps to get through the dark dungeons. We continue to play and swap notes regularly.
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