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First, if you're here then you've dedicated some of your valuable time to me, I thank you immensely for that. If you poke around my small corner of the web here you'll find that I am a nerdy nostalgic 90's kid who's intrigued by design, but of course there's so much more to the story than that...
Laid off in 2019 and entering this quarantine world of 2020 has many of us thinking about our futures. As you'll find out in my cover letter I've been actively working toward new goals and this is a step toward that goal. I'm both quiet and outgoing, experienced and a newbie, successful and a failure, excited and scared. Following you has taught me that to embrace all of ourselves all of the time and strive to reach new goals, one step at a time. 
Originally I planned to print these files and personally deliver them to you at Nike WHQ (as a respectfully uninvited surprise), however two things happened.  1) When ordering the professional print work I spaced out on the fact that the print shop can't legally print the Nike logo for a non-Nike authorized job.  2) Quarantine rules mean a safe and respectful personal delivery isn't in the cards given the current social climate. Instead I present to you a digital offering. Below are descriptions of each of the 4 PDFs. Please click icon each to view it contents.
Set #1:  Resume  /  Work History & Experience  /  Cover Letter
Set #2:  Mock Nike Ads  /  Guided Run Script  /  Nike Run Club App Bug Report  /  My Blueprint
Set #3:  'Seeking Laps' Tri-Fold Brochure  (physical play on NRC IG story series, 'Keeping Track')
Set #4:  Sheet of temporary business cards  (meant to be perforated)
In summary, why am I bugging you with this?
Simply put I love running, I love design, I love personal interaction, I love details, I love Nike, I always have, and I want to be a part of a team that continually makes history. I'm up for anything; coffee and copy guy, a spare set of helping hands (or feet), packing boxes, input, promotion, the list goes on and I find my own joy in all of it. I know my value but I also know the value of work ethic and loyalty. I'd love to prove my worth in any way, I'll create a new lowest rung and climb my way up. We can build a new ladder to share with others behind me.
I hope this brief introduction has sparked interest into who I am as a person and how I can contribute to your team. Any feedback is greatly appreciated of course, and as they say, I can start yesterday! (paycheck not required)
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